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Press-Release January 10, 2021

Buzsak Solar Field

With a massive capacity of 76.6 MW, this solar field significantly enhances Hungary's renewable energy portfolio.

Buzsak Solar Field

The Buzsak Solar Field stands as one of the largest solar installations in Hungary, demonstrating Enrocks' capability in developing substantial renewable energy projects. With a massive capacity of 76.6 MW, this solar field significantly enhances Hungary's renewable energy portfolio, contributing extensively to the country's sustainability targets.

Project Execution

The development of the Buzsak Solar Field required meticulous planning and execution to maximize the energy generation potential of the large area. This project involved extensive collaboration with our development partners who provided expertise in engineering, procurement, and construction to optimize the layout and technology used for the field. High-efficiency monocrystalline solar panels were selected for their superior performance and durability, ensuring that the project not only meets but exceeds expected energy production benchmarks.


The Buzsak Solar Field plays a pivotal role in Hungary’s renewable energy strategy, providing a significant boost to the national grid. It is projected to produce hundreds of millions of kilowatt-hours per year, reducing carbon emissions by tens of thousands of tonnes annually. This project illustrates the potential of large-scale solar ventures to make a meaningful impact on energy sustainability.

The local community around Buzsak benefits from both the environmental and economic impacts of this solar field. The project supports local job creation during the construction and maintenance phases and contributes to regional economic growth. It also establishes a model for responsible land use and energy production that can be replicated in other parts of Hungary and beyond.

76,6 MW

The Buzsak Solar Field is a testament to Enrocks' leadership in the renewable energy sector and our commitment to delivering projects that provide substantial environmental, economic, and social benefits. We are proud to drive forward Hungary’s green energy initiatives and invite future partners to explore our technology partnerships and join us in expanding renewable energy capacities globally.

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