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Article May 08, 2023


Discover our main sustainability pillars that influence our day-to-day work

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At Enrocks, we are committed to advancing renewable energy solutions while upholding the highest standards of sustainability and corporate responsibility. Our priorities reflect our dedication to being a trusted partner in the global transition towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. Below, we outline the key priorities that guide our operations and strategic decisions.


We strive to minimize environmental impact across our projects by utilizing renewable resources and sustainable practices. This commitment extends beyond energy production to encompass all aspects of our operations, ensuring that we contribute positively to the ecological health of the communities we serve.


Innovation drives our mission to provide cutting-edge renewable energy solutions. At Enrocks, we continuously explore new technologies and methodologies that can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our energy projects. We can meet the evolving needs of our markets and customers with the latest advances in energy technology.

Resource Efficiency

We prioritize the reduction of material waste in all our projects. By 2030, we aim to improve material efficiency by 25% through the use of recycled materials and advanced manufacturing techniques that reduce waste during the production of solar panels and wind turbines.

Biodiversity Preservation

Enrocks is dedicated to enhancing biodiversity around all new project sites by implementing ecosystem restoration projects. For each new development, we pledge to rehabilitate an area twice the size of the land used, focusing on native species plantation and habitat restoration.

Community Renewable Programs

By 2030, Enrocks aims to launch 50 community-based renewable projects that not only provide local energy but also engage community members in the management and benefits of renewable resources. These projects are designed to support energy independence and economic development within local communities.


Transparency is foundational to building trust with our clients, partners, and the communities where we operate. Enrocks maintains open communication about our business practices, project outcomes, and corporate policies. By fostering a transparent culture, we ensure that all stakeholders are informed and engaged in our mutual goals.

Community Engagement

Community engagement is essential to our business model. We believe in working closely with local communities to ensure that our projects not only serve global sustainability goals but also bring direct benefits to local residents. This includes creating jobs, supporting local economies, and contributing to community development initiatives.


Safety is paramount in all our activities. We adhere to the strictest safety standards to ensure the well-being of our employees, contractors, and the communities affected by our projects. Our comprehensive safety protocols and training programs are designed to prevent accidents and ensure a safe working environment.

Our priorities reflect our dedication to leading the renewable energy sector with responsibility and foresight. At Enrocks, we are fostering a sustainable future for generations to come.

Narek Tunian
Chief Executive Officer
Member of the Board
Ahmad Shaqran
Member of the Board
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