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Unwavering in our commitment to build a sustainable future.

Enrocks develops innovative solar, hydro and wind projects, powering high-growth markets around the globe with sustainable and renewable energy.

4.6 GW+
clean energy output forecasted from our upcoming projects, bolstering the grid
number of organisations we aim to power with sustainable, renewable energy by 2035
25+ years
of collective experience in the renewable energy sector that Enrocks brings to projects
anticipated reduction in CO2 emissions locally, contributing to cleaner air
10 GW
our projected contribution to global renewable energy capacity by 2035
2 Million+
number of households we aim to power sustainably by 2045
jobs we aim to create in the renewable sector, promoting green economy

Responsible solutions for a sustainable future

Enrocks is committed to creating a greener future. We believe sustainable energy isn’t just a goal, it’s our responsibility to the world

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What we believe in

Values define who we
are as a company.

Values serve as the pivotal compass, providing direction, inspiring innovation, and fostering a unified company culture. They are instrumental in shaping decisions, driving performance, and creating a sustainable, authentic brand.

Predictability is the pillar of our brand, guiding our actions and decisions. It enables steady growth and ensures a dependable customer experience.
Driving results
We set ambitious targets, tirelessly striving to surpass them. Our relentless commitment to performance propels our growth and sets new industry standards.
Taking risks
It is the essence of our entrepreneurial spirit as we boldly navigate uncharted territory, fostering an atmosphere of innovation and continuous progress.
Working together
It is the ethos that fortifies our unity. Our belief in the power of collaboration drives our collective growth, shaping our brand’s reputation for synergistic success.
Featured projects

Discover our featured projects

Discover a curated selection of our most transformative projects, each illustrating our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the drive to reshape the world’s energy landscapes.

6,300 MWh
January 19, 2024In progress
El Mimbral Solar Plant
With a planned capacity of 3.77 MWp, the project is set to become a significant contributor to Spain’s renewable energy landscape.
76,6 MW
January 10, 2021Completed
Buzsak Solar Field
With a massive capacity of 76.6 MW, this solar field significantly enhances Hungary's renewable energy portfolio.
1,5 MW
January 16, 2024Completed
Pissouri Solar Park
Pissouri Solar Park is strategically positioned in Pissouri, Cyprus, contributing significantly to the region’s renewable energy resources.
10,14 MW
July 01, 2018Completed
Krakow AM See & Gielow Solar Plant
With a capacity of 10.14 MW, this solar plant is designed to significantly contribute to the regional energy supply.
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