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Press-Release July 01, 2018

Krakow AM See & Gielow Solar Plant

With a capacity of 10.14 MW, this solar plant is designed to significantly contribute to the regional energy supply.

Krakow AM See & Gielow Solar Plant

The Krakow AM See & Gielow Solar Plant, located in Germany, is an essential addition to our portfolio, showcasing our commitment to expanding renewable energy across Europe. With a capacity of 10.14 MW, this solar plant is designed to significantly contribute to the regional energy supply, supporting Germany’s transition towards a more sustainable energy future.

Implementation Activities

The development of the Krakow AM See & Gielow Solar Plant required meticulous planning and execution with our logistics partners. The project commenced with a thorough analysis for site selection to ensure optimal sunlight exposure and minimal environmental disruption where high-efficiency solar panels and state-of-the-art inverters were installed to maximize energy output. Throughout the project, we navigated Germany’s complex regulatory environment to secure necessary approvals and worked closely with local communities to ensure the project aligned with their interests and benefitted them economically.

10,14 MW

Project Deliverables

Upon completion, the solar plant now produces approximately 12,000 MWh of electricity annually, powering over 3,400 homes and significantly reducing carbon emissions by about 6,800 tonnes each year. The project has bolstered local energy reliability and has been instrumental in fostering economic growth through job creation during construction and ongoing operations. Additionally, it plays a significant role in supporting Germany’s environmental targets by providing a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The Krakow AM See & Gielow Solar Plant not only marks a significant advancement in sustainable energy but also reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality, high-impact renewable energy solutions. This project leverages cutting-edge technology and comprehensive community engagement to ensure enduring benefits for both our clients and the planet.

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Ahmad Shaqran
Member of the Board
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