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Article July 17, 2023

Strategy approach

Discover our strategic approach that aligns with global energy needs

Enrocks is a pioneer in the renewable energy sector, dedicated to crafting sustainable solutions that align with global energy needs. Our strategic approach is centered around a robust business model that emphasizes innovation, scalability, diversification, and strong partnerships.

Business Model:

Our business model is founded on developing high-impact renewable energy projects that meet current energy demands and also scalable and sustainable over the long term. We focus on solar, wind, and emerging green technologies, ensuring each project delivers optimal results with respect to energy output, cost-efficiency, and environmental impact.

We develop projects with the potential for expansion and adaptation to different energy needs and markets where diversification in both geographical reach and technological deployment enables us to leverage multiple markets. This enhances our resilience and adaptability, at the same time mitigating risks associated with market fluctuations.


Strong partnerships are the cornerstone of our strategy. We collaborate with technology providers, EPC contractors, and logistics firms to enhance our project execution capabilities. Additionally, we work closely with local communities and regulatory bodies to ensure compliance and community integration, which fosters positive relationships and supports project success. Connect with us if you want to become a partner of Enrocks.

Financial strategy

Our financial strategy involves partnering with investors who are committed to green energy. These partnerships provide the necessary capital for large-scale project development and highlight our financial stability and investment appeal. We align our financial goals with sustainability objectives, creating value for both our investors and the wider community.

Enrocks plays a critical role in the global renewable energy market by contributing to the development of sustainable power solutions worldwide.

Narek Tunian
Chief Executive OfficerMember of the Board

Our projects significantly impact reducing carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy adoption, aligning with global initiatives such as the Paris Agreement. We are committed to driving the transition to a low-carbon economy through strategic project deployment and advocacy for sustainable energy policies.

Why Enrocks?

Choosing Enrocks means partnering with a leader in renewable energy that is deeply committed to innovation, quality, and sustainability. Our comprehensive approach ensures that clients receive not only technical expertise but also strategic support throughout the project lifecycle, from initial feasibility studies to long-term maintenance and optimization. We provide a reliable partnership that clients can trust to deliver projects that meet their needs and exceed expectations.

Enrocks is dedicated to leading the way in renewable energy development. Our strategic approach, combined with our commitment to sustainability and excellence, makes us the ideal partner for your next renewable energy project.

We invite potential clients and partners to engage with us and explore how we can achieve extraordinary results together.

Narek Tunian
Chief Executive Officer
Member of the Board
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