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Press-Release January 19, 2024

El Mimbral Solar Plant

With a planned capacity of 3.77 MWp, the project is set to become a significant contributor to Spain’s renewable energy landscape.

El Mimbral Solar Plant

Situated in the picturesque region of Montilla, Córdoba, the El Mimbral Solar Plant is a pioneering initiative designed to harness the abundant solar resources of the area. With a planned capacity of 3.77 MWp, this project is set to become a significant contributor to Spain’s renewable energy landscape, emphasizing sustainability and energy independence.


The El Mimbral Solar Plant is currently in progress, with completion targeted for the near future. This project utilizes state-of-the-art photovoltaic technology to convert solar energy into clean electricity. The plant will feature 6,300 MWh/year in estimated production, simulated using advanced PV system software, ensuring optimal energy generation and efficiency.


Once completed, the El Mimbral Solar Plant will play a vital role in meeting local energy demands while contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions. It is estimated to generate enough electricity to power thousands of homes annually, significantly reducing reliance on non-renewable energy sources and supporting Spain's goals for a sustainable future.

Solar Farm
El Mimbral Solar Photovoltaic Plant
3.77 MWp
Generates large-scale clean electricity using photovoltaic panels.
6,300 MWh/year
Estimated production, simulated in PVsystem
A Solar Oasis in the Heart of Córdoba, Embracing Sustainable Energy at Its Finest.
In Progress
We're hard at work, and exciting progress is in the making!


The development of the El Mimbral Solar Plant supports regional development through job creation during the construction and operational phases and positions Montilla as a leader in renewable energy innovation. The project showcases the potential for integrating solar farms into local energy systems, providing a replicable model for other regions looking to enhance their energy sustainability.

The El Mimbral Solar Plant represents Enrocks' commitment to advancing renewable energy technologies and promoting environmental stewardship.

As this project progresses, we look forward to its completion and the opportunity to demonstrate the tangible benefits of solar power in urban and rural settings alike.

Narek Tunian
Chief Executive OfficerMember of the Board

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Munawwar Hussain
Project Manager
Renewable Energy
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