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Press-Release January 16, 2024

Homeridae Solar Farm

The plant comprises 11,808 high-performance monocrystalline solar panels, each rated at 345 Wp.

Homeridae Solar Farm

The Homeridae Solar Farm utilizes advanced photovoltaic technology to produce clean and sustainable energy. With a total capacity of 4.07 MW, this solar farm plays a crucial role in advancing renewable energy integration. It comprises 11,808 high-performance monocrystalline solar panels, each rated at 345 WP, designed for optimal energy efficiency and durability.


Completed in March 2019, the Homeridae Solar Farm represents a significant achievement in solar energy production. The farm was strategically designed to maximize the capture of solar irradiance, with each panel meticulously positioned to ensure the highest energy output. The project showcases our commitment to using cutting-edge solar technology and our ability to efficiently manage and execute large-scale renewable projects.


The Homeridae Solar Farm significantly contributes to the local energy supply, providing enough clean electricity to power several thousand homes annually. The project underscores the potential of solar energy to reduce carbon emissions and offers a sustainable alternative to traditional energy sources.

Solar Farm
Photovoltaic Panels
4.07 MW
345 Wp Mono
Number of Panels
March 2019
Completion Date


The development of the Homeridae Solar Farm has fostered local economic growth by creating jobs during construction and ongoing maintenance, managed by our Operations and Maintenance partners. It enhances the local community’s resilience to energy supply fluctuations and supports broader environmental goals of reducing ecological footprints.

The Homeridae Solar Farm is a testament to Enrocks' expertise in deploying high-efficiency solar solutions that cater to the growing demand for renewable energy. This project exemplifies our dedication to sustainability and innovation, proving that responsible energy production can coexist with community development and environmental conservation.

We invite interested parties to explore our projects and consider the lasting benefits of investing in solar energy.

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