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Press-Release January 16, 2024

Kings Park Solar Plant

Completed in 2019, this solar plant features 18,360 high-performance monocrystalline solar panels, each with a capacity of 325 Wp

Kings Park Solar Plant

The Kings Park Solar Plant is an exemplary project located in Kings Park, Long Island, which showcases the effective use of photovoltaic technology in an urban setting. Completed in 2019, this solar plant features 18,360 high-performance monocrystalline solar panels, each with a capacity of 325 WP, collectively generating 5.97 MW of clean energy.


The installation of the Kings Park Solar Plant was meticulously planned to optimize the geographic and climatic conditions of Long Island. The use of 325 WP monocrystalline panels was pivotal in maximizing the efficiency of solar energy conversion, ensuring that the plant performs robustly throughout varying weather conditions. This project underscores our commitment to adopting advanced solar technologies and demonstrates our ability to integrate sustainable solutions into densely populated regions.


Upon completion, the Kings Park Solar Plant began producing approximately 6,300 MWh of electricity annually, significantly contributing to the local energy supply and supporting New York State’s renewable energy goals. The plant plays a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions and provides a sustainable alternative to traditional electricity sources, which is vital for promoting environmental sustainability in urban areas.

Solar Plant
Photovoltaic Panels
5.97 MW
325 Wp Mono
Number of Panels
Completion Date
Kings Park, Long Island, NY, United States


The local community benefits directly from the Kings Park Solar Plant through enhanced energy security and reduced energy costs. Additionally, the project supports local employment, from construction to ongoing maintenance and operations managed by our Operations and Maintenance partners. This solar plant not only serves as a model for future renewable energy projects in New York but also acts as a catalyst for the region's transition towards a more sustainable energy future.

The Kings Park Solar Plant is a cornerstone in our portfolio, reflecting our dedication to enhancing the integration of renewable energy in urban environments. This project aligns with our strategic goals to provide sustainable, efficient, and reliable energy solutions across the United States.

We invite stakeholders and potential partners to learn more about our projects and explore opportunities for collaboration in advancing clean energy initiatives.

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Ajmal Kasim
Business Development Manager
Renewable Energy
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