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Press-Release May 11, 2018

Oleshky Power Plant

The Oleshky Power Plant is a cornerstone of our commitment to advancing renewable energy in Ukraine.

The photo of the finalised project.

Located in Oleshky, Ukraine, the Oleshky Power Plant has a capacity of 41.76 MW, reflecting our capability in large-scale renewable energy production. This project is part of our broader initiative to increase sustainable energy supply in the region.

Impact and Performance:

The Oleshky Power Plant contributes to the local and national energy grid, providing clean, renewable electricity sufficient to power thousands of homes each year. By generating 41.76 MW of solar power, this plant meets the energy needs of the local community and reduces carbon emissions substantially, supporting Ukraine’s goals for a greener future.

Throughout the development phase, we focused on integrating advanced solar technologies and optimizing logistics to maximize energy output while minimizing environmental impact.

Narek Tunian
Chief Executive OfficerMember of the Board

The successful completion and operation of the Oleshky Power Plant have brought numerous benefits to the region, including enhanced energy security, job creation in local communities, and the promotion of sustainable practices. Clients and partners who engage with Enrocks on similar projects can expect a thorough commitment to efficiency, reliability, and the highest standards of project execution.

41,76 MW
Oleshky, Ukraine

We are dedicated to expanding our reach and impact through collaborations that echo our vision of a sustainable world. We invite potential clients and partners to join us in developing and implementing next-generation renewable energy projects.

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Some projects listed on this website were executed by our team members prior to their tenure at Enrocks. While not directly affiliated with Enrocks, they highlight the team’s expertise in the renewable energy sector. We value transparency and wish to clarify that these projects were undertaken individually by team members before joining the company.
Narek Tunian
Chief Executive Officer
Member of the Board
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