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Press-Release January 01, 2019

Sportivna Solar Plant

The plant underscores our commitment to enhancing renewable energy accessibility and supporting Ukraine’s energy independence.

Sportivna Solar Plant

The Sportivna Solar Plant is a strategic initiative located in Sportivna, Ukraine, designed to strengthen the local energy infrastructure through sustainable solar power. With a total capacity of 4.9 MW, the plant underscores our commitment to enhancing renewable energy accessibility and supporting Ukraine’s energy independence.


The Sportivna Solar Plant project kicked off in November 2018 and reached completion by January 2019, demonstrating our ability to execute rapid and efficient project timelines. The installation includes 17,069 monocrystalline solar panels, each rated at 290 Wp, chosen for their efficiency and durability. These panels were deployed across the site to optimize energy capture and conversion, reflecting our focus on technological excellence and project optimization.

Throughout the project lifecycle, we engaged extensively with local authorities and communities to ensure seamless integration into the existing energy framework and to address any local concerns proactively. This engagement was crucial in fostering a supportive environment and ensuring the project’s swift progress.

4.9 MW
290 Wp
Monocrystalline solar panel
Number of Panels
Sportivna, Ukraine
Project Location

Project deliverables

Upon completion, the Sportivna Solar Plant significantly enhanced the region's power capacity, providing a reliable source of clean energy. The plant is expected to generate substantial electricity outputs annually, contributing to both local sustainability and economic stability by offering a clean alternative to traditional energy sources.

The project has also catalyzed local economic development by creating jobs and stimulating local supply chains during the construction phase. It stands as a testament to our capability to deliver environmentally responsible energy solutions that align with national energy goals and community values.

The project exemplifies our dedication to deploying renewable energy solutions that meet current energy demands and contribute to long-term environmental and economic health. By prioritizing efficient technology, community involvement, and rapid project execution, we ensure that our projects provide lasting value to our clients and the broader community.

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Munawwar Hussain
Project Manager
Renewable Energy
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