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Press-Release July 01, 2019

The Steel Sun Project

The Steel Sun - A 8.9 MW solar farm, showcasing our team's expertise.

The Steel Sun Project

The Steel Sun Project in Lackawanna City, New York, showcases our capabilities in deploying large-scale solar farms. Utilizing 25,704 high-performance monocrystalline solar panels, this installation epitomizes energy efficiency and sustainability with a total capacity of 8.9 MW.

This project was completed in 2019, emphasizing our commitment to rapid and efficient execution. It demonstrates the effectiveness of our EPC partnerships, from planning and procurement to construction, ensuring every component contributes maximally to the farm’s output.

Impact and Performance

The Steel Sun Project significantly bolsters the local energy grid, delivering clean, renewable power that aligns with New York’s sustainability targets. The installation’s scale and efficiency are a testament to the advanced technology provided by our Technology partners, who ensure the highest standards of performance.

Our offshore wind projects harness the consistent, powerful marine winds, converting them into a clean, sustainable power source that can fuel thousands of homes and businesses

Narek Tunian
Chief Executive OfficerMember of the Board

Residents of Lackawanna City benefit from sustainable, cost-effective power, underscoring the project's role in promoting local economic and environmental health. This initiative exemplifies how strategic collaborations with Operations and Maintenance partners ensure long-term operational success and community satisfaction.

Solar Farm
Generates large-scale clean electricity using photovoltaic panels.
8,9 MW
Solar Capacity: Substantial, Clean, Renewable.
345 Wp Mono
High-performance monocrystalline solar panels designed for optimal energy efficiency.
Number of Panels
Completion Date
Lackawanna City, NY, United States
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As a leader in renewable energy solutions, The Steel Sun Project reflects Enrocks’ dedication to excellence and innovation. We encourage stakeholders and potential clients to explore our projects to see the impact of our comprehensive approach and the benefits of partnering with us on future ventures.

Please note:
Some projects listed on this website were executed by our team members prior to their tenure at Enrocks. While not directly affiliated with Enrocks, they highlight the team’s expertise in the renewable energy sector. We value transparency and wish to clarify that these projects were undertaken individually by team members before joining the company.
Narek Tunian
Chief Executive Officer
Member of the Board
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